Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Yamato, the Drummers of Japan

Went with Cathy to the "Taiko!Tambol!" concert last Jan12 in the new PETA theter in QC. What an amazing experience to say the least!

check them out

My words definitely will not do justice to their performance. But it was like being transported to feudal Japan. The costumes of the Yamato group were also very... Japanese? Haha they were very well designed beautiful eye candy. Astig astig astig sila. And of course the drumming! I wonder how many years of training they each had to go through to achieve such skill. And how many more years added to that playing as a group? Wow...

The greatest impression I had though was how their music was able to communicate to a Filipino audience. For one brief moment, there truly was no need for words. The drums and their music were more than enough.