Thursday, July 13, 2006


i will stay. if i had a choice to go anywhere i wanted, i'd stay.


yesterday, going home, the jeepney i was in was stuck in traffic. knowing how my mind works, it was another one of those moments when i would throw my arms up in the air in disgust and say, to hell with it, i'm leaving this country. but after a while my frustration would subside, and i would stay put.

yesterday, following the heavy rains, the road on the way to our subdivision was covered with water above-the-knee high. but i wouldn't have known that if i didn't get off the jeep and decide to walk.

anyway, there it was, the reason for the traffic. that flood. and cars moving in either direction were stuck, afraid their engines would stall. who could blame them? i started to walk. at least i could get a nice warm bath at home, i thought to myself.

surprisingly, it wasnt so bad. instead of taking a trike, i decided to walk all the way home, rains and all (don't worry, i had an umbrella with me.) =)